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Meet the folks that live at Town Oaks! We hope to build community and relationships to help everybody enjoy living here. We've profiled some of the residents of Town Oaks:

Are you a Town Oaks resident, and do you want your profile to appear here in the future? Please answer these questions and email them to Unny at

What is your name?

Who do you live with?

Which lot do you live in?

What is your favorite thing about living here?

How do you try to make Town Oaks a better place for all?

Can you tell us a story about a great experience you’ve had at Town Oaks?

What is one thing you would like your neighbors to know about you?


Please submit a recent picture we can upload along with your story.


We will edit this for clarity and length. The information provided will be uploaded to the Town Oaks website and will be public. Any personally identifiable information will be edited prior to pub

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