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November 30, 2022

Winter is upon us which is a good time to remind our homeowners about the rules concerning snow removal.


Walkways and steps will be shoveled after each snowfall. Snowfall depth from a trace to 6” will be cleared

within 12 hours after snowfall ceases, snowfalls from 6” to 12” will be cleared within 18 hours after

snowfall ceases and snowfalls of 12” or more will be cleared within 24 hours. Snowfall accumulations are determined as measured at the MSP airport.


Please refer to the following guidelines to determine when to move your vehicle.

A snow emergency will be declared following all snowfalls of 2” and greater. If the snowfall has stopped by 6:00p.m., a preliminary pass will be made that evening on all lots to clear enough snow so that vehicles can be moved out of the parking lot so that it can be cleared the following day.  All vehicles must be out of the lot the following morning by 8:00a.m. and can return to the lot after plowing is complete. 

If the snowfall stops after 7:00 a.m., a preliminary pass will be made later in the day and the complete plowing will be done the following day with the same requirement that all vehicles must be out of the lots from 8:00 a.m. until plowing has been completed in that lot.

Violators are subject to the assessments of fines against the unit owner, and repeat violators are subject to having their vehicles towed and impounded.


Drives, parking areas and walkways will be sanded after freezing rain or when requested by the Board of

Directors or Omega Property Management. Barrels of sand are set up near your lot's mailboxes so homeowners will be able to sand areas as needed. Please use the sand sparingly and make sure to cover the sand barrel when you are finished.


Homeowners/residents are responsible for clearing:

    1. Ice accumulations on steps and garage aprons caused by drainage.

    2. Snow removal underneath and around parked cars.

August 15, 2022

As many of you are already aware there have been changes to our trash collection schedule. Those changes were a result of our garbage collection company (Randy's) being bought up by Republic. Omega, our management company, has attempted to reach an agreement with Republic which would keep our trash collection services and charges on par with the agreement we had with Randy's. However, at this point, it looks like Town Oaks will no longer be able to have door to door trash pick up; instead, we will need to decide on one of two options.  


The first option is to place two dumpsters (one for trash, another for recycling) in each parking lot which will require each lot to surrender two parking spaces. Since each lot has several surplus parking spots this will only affect the residents who have a Town Oaks parking permit for parking their additional vehicle.  The trash collection company wants the dumpsters located with direct-access to the street so their trucks don't have to drive around obstacles while emptying the dumpsters which means that parking will have to be reassigned for some residents. There is also the additional cost of building enclosures in each lot around the dumpsters which will to the overall cost of this option.

The second option is to assign each household a 35 gallon residential garbage can/cart which would be kept in the garbage can storage area and brought out to the sidewalk in front of the mailboxes on trash collection days. The carts will be provided by the trash collection company so there will be no start up or out of pocket expenses for residents. A second cart will be provided for recycling materials. The trash and recycling will occur on consecutive days which will reduce the overall number of trips to three. 


The Town Oaks Board is well-aware that this is not what the residents like or have grown used to. There are only 3 trash collection companies in Minneapolis and none of them offer door to door service so the change is unavoidable. It is unfortunate that something we all enjoyed and took for granted for so long, door-to-door trash collection, is coming to an end.  The Town Oaks Board would like input from all homeowners but will make a decision based on the information available. If you would like to voice your opinion please follow this link. 

August 4, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2nd. A special thanks to Janice Ricks for organizing the event and to all the board members who had a hand in keeping things going. 


The Town Oaks Homeowners' Meeting will take place on Monday, September 19th beginning at 6:30pm. The location will be announced once it is confirmed.  There will be 2 vacancies for board positions. Interested homeowners must submit a Candidate Profile Sheet to Omega Management ( no later than noon on Thursday, August 25th.  Click here for a link to the Candidate Profile sheet.  

One thing that builds a safer and more integrated community is knowing your neighbors; a great way of doing that is by being featured in the Town Oaks Meet Your Neighbor page of our website.  You can fill out and submit a form (and photo) of you and whoever else resides in your townhome. Ideally we would like to feature a new neighbor every month so we can get to know one another better.  If you would like to be featured you can find the Meet Your Neighbor form at this link. 

April 5, 2022

Please note that Town Oaks trash pick-up day has been changed from Fridays to Thursdays. The change was made by our trash collection contractor due to a merger within the company.  Our plastics, metals and cardboard recycling will continue to be collected every other Friday.  

April 1, 2022

Town Oaks Residents,

The following information was sent out via email to all residents. Please take note of the information.


Once again Town Oaks Association will be sponsoring an Annual Clean-Up Day for all residents. Dumpsters will be available on Saturday, April 16th from 9:00 A.M. to 12 Noon and again this year there will be one dumpster
per lot.

The dumpsters are for larger household items which cannot be left out for the normal trash pickup, such as mattresses, tables, etc. Please try to break down larger items to help make room for more ‘stuff’. This is on a first-
come, first-served basis, and when the dumpster is filled level to the top, no more items can be left there. Do not overflow the dumpster.


Also, please remember that the dumpsters are strictly for non-hazardous and non-electronic items only. Please be respectful and only put in appropriate items as your Association will be charged for any prohibited items (which means all of the homeowners pay for these items to be disposed). Prohibited items include:


Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make this Clean-Up Day a success!



February 9, 2022

Parking Rules Reminder

Town Oaks Homeowner,


Since only 24 homes at Town Oaks have a garage, it is critically important that Parking Rules be adopted
and enforced so that the remaining 88 homeowners have an equal opportunity to the use of the parking
lots. Your Board has spent much time over the years crafting and revising the Parking Rules and attached
is the most recent revision. For the most part the revisions consist of previous policies approved by the
Board but which were not incorporated into the Rules and Regulations document itself.

Your Board believes that at this point there are no further Rules changes that can be made that will
improve the parking situation at Town Oaks. However, that still leaves room for improvement but those
improvements will come from a more active enforcement program. Your Board would prefer to rely on
voluntary compliance and believes that the large majority of their neighbors at Town Oaks do want to
comply with the Association’s Rules but simply need an occasional reminder; after all, the Parking Rules
is one of the largest and most detailed sections of the Rules and Regulations.


Please pay particular attention to Section 07.03, which contains most of the revisions. The most common
violation is the requirement that all vehicles parked in the Parking Lots must display a valid Parking
Permit assigned to that vehicle. On a recent survey less than half the vehicles were in compliance.
However, effective enforcement of the Parking Rules is impossible without Parking Permits. Please be
advised that as of March 1st periodic surveys of the Parking Lots will be made and any vehicles parked in
the Lots without a valid Permit are subject to the penalties described in the Enforcement section of the
Rules and Regulations. That can mean fines as much as $200 per violation, and unpaid fines are a lien
against the unit. To obtain a Parking Permit, contact service@omega-mgt.comor call 763-449-9100.
A source of much frustration for residents who diligently move their vehicles onto the street so the
parking lots can be plowed completely is when the vehicle in an adjacent space isn’t moved and their
space then gets missed. Please review Rule 07.11 carefully to be sure that you understand the protocol.
We know it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly when the snow has reached a depth that merits plowing
and/or when the plows will come, but if you’re in doubt, move your vehicle out!


Again, enforcement of the Parking Permit requirement begins on March 1st so if you don’t have valid
permits for your one or two vehicles, you need to apply for the Permit(s) early enough for it to be mailed
to you and affixed to the windshield of your vehicle(s) before March 1st, or find another place to park.


With everyone’s cooperation, parking at Town Oaks can become a more convenient and fair experience
for all. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Parking Rules, please contact me at

August 31, 2021

Town Oaks Residents,


As the crew is working through the property on the drainage project they will be placing sod down. The crew will intermittently use the hoses onsite to water the sod.  The crews may also need to plug their equipment into the outlets outside of your garage. The electrical use is minimal and allows them to complete work without noisy and polluting generators. Please allow the crews access to your water and electrical as needed. 

We have received several questions on the drainage project and we thought we would share the responses with the community:

1. Some of the downspouts are directed into new drains which are very close to the basement wall. Isn't this going to cause a problem with water being so close to the wall?

Answer: The catch basins are design to collect the water to move it through to the drain tile and out of the pop up. You should have no issues with it's location.

2. What happens if the drains get clogged?

Answer: All catch basins have a removable lid to extract any debris that may filter through the lid grilles. The pop ups also can be removed, if needed.

If you have any other questions in regards to this project please email

Town Oaks Association
c/o Omega Property Management

August 12, 2021

Dear Town Oaks Homeowner:

I regret to inform you that I am leaving Omega Property Management effective August 13, 2021. I have
enjoyed working with the Board and homeowners of Town Oaks and wish you continued success.
Effective August 13th, we will be transitioning day to day management responsibilities to Dave Stendal, who
will also be working with an assistant who is yet to be determined. As many of you know, Dave managed
Town Oaks from 2008 to 2013, so he is quite familiar with your property. Carol Crosby will continue to be the
Property Services Coordinator for your community.


As a reminder, we ask that Homeowners call 763.449.9100 or email as your starting
point for routine financial questions (e.g., did my payment post, what is my balance, etc.); administrative (I
need a Resale Disclosure Certificate, my address changed, etc.); and maintenance issues (a sprinkler head
broke, I want to report a problem with my driveway, etc.).


Below is a recap of the team assisting your community:
Omega Management’s Service Center 763.449.9100
Dave Stendal Association Manager
Carol Crosby Property Services Coordinator


A little about Dave: As founder of Omega Property Management, David’s vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and
good old-fashioned Midwestern grit transformed a small, independent operation into one of Minnesota’s
premiere HOA management companies. With over 40 years of experience in association management, David
is still active as a public speaker and consultant, providing valuable insights and advice on how to achieve
success in today’s rapidly changing industry. His philosophy is simple, yet effective – focus on the long-term
goals of the association and always have a plan for the future.


I know Dave will be a terrific addition to the team which serves Town Oaks and Omega looks forward to
continuing to provide excellent service to your community.


Very truly yours,

Jim Rosvold, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Operations Manager

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