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Omega Management

Omega Management is the property management company that oversees the upkeep of our buildings and grounds and also maintains the financial accounts.  Our monthly association fees are paid directly to Omega.  Your monthly fee pays for lawn maintenance, snow removal, exterior maintenance (roofs, siding, fences, walkways, parking lots, gutters/downspouts) and parking lot lighting. 


Homeowners are responsible for all interior maintenance including appliances,  walls, floors (and floor coverings), doors and windows.  Homeowners are not permitted to make any changes to their townhome which may result in unsafe or compromised structural elements. 

If you need to contact Omega Management, you can email them at

Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group

The Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group (FRNNG) publishes a newsletter every other month with information on community resources, 11th Ward information, neighborhood members, businesses, crime reports, schools, personal stories and other interesting news items.  If you do not receive the free newsletter at your home you can call them at 612-721-5424 to add your name to their mailing list. You can also go to to the FRNNG website to view the "Close To Home" newsletter online. 

Their website address is:

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