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Our Projects

We're always looking at ways to improve Town Oaks.  The Board of Directors meets with our management company every other month to address financials, architectural requests, maintenance issues and budgets.  The Board tries to examine and address buildings and grounds issues and prioritize projects based on need and budget. Here are the projects we are currently working on.



Phase 1 of this project was completed in August 2019.  The original design was modified to more fully meet the needs of homeowners. The objective was to complete this project over several years to keep costs in line with our budget. This approach also allows us look proactively to correct any issues that may have come up with the initial phase of the project. The Board and Project Manager will work together to ensure that issues will be worked out prior to initiating the next phase of the project.  Summer of 2020 saw the central courtyard fences stained to match the exterior colors of our townhouses. 



The first phase of the lighting project was completed summer 2018 with the installation of new front light fixtures.  The second phase of work, installing the new light poles in the courtyard and the parking lots was completed in 2019 The final phase involved disconnecting the outlet stakes in the parking lots and capping off the electrical lines. That work was completed in the summer of 2020. With this the light project is complete. 



The large trees that are part of what makes Town Oaks so beautiful and desirable are also what causes some of our biggest problems. The leaves clog the downspouts which can cause rain water to pour over the sides and into patios and basements.  The Board has tried to address this issue by having the gutters and downspouts cleaned more frequently but it became apparent that we needed to address our gutter issues sooner rather than later.  The previous gutters and downspouts were not sufficient to handle the large amounts of heavy rainfall we have endured so the Board moved up the project that was slated to take place in a few years.  The new, larger gutters and downspouts were installed in the April 2020 and have already improved the situation, however the second phase of this project will involve various methods of moving the water away from the foundation while simultaneously keeping off the sidewalks.  As a homeowner here are some simple steps you can take to help keep your basement dry:  

  • Check regularly to ensure all downspouts are in place and diverting water away from your property.

  • Build up the area around your foundation to ensure that it is higher than the surrounding ground and make sure that the downspout has a clear pathway to lower ground.

  • Cover all basement window wells to keep rainwater from going into them.

If, after taking these measures, you still have issues please call Omega management to let them know about the issue. 

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