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Meet your neighbor: News

Wanda, Denise, and Miles

In an effort to get to know our neighbors and build community we would like to feature a neighbor/household. To start us off, we are happy to introduce Wanda Felder who lives in lot C with her son Miles and her sister Denise who has lived here for 10 years.  Wanda always loved coming to Town Oaks to visit her sister and so decided to move here just over a year ago.  Wanda enjoys the strong sense of community she feels here and the fact that she already knew several people who lived in the complex before she moved here. She also likes our convenient location. 


Wanda strives to make Town Oaks a better place by being friendly and greeting others while she is out walking her dog, Fannie.  She says she feels good that we have neighbors that Miles is connecting with while he is riding his bike around the property.  You will recognize him by the unique helmet he wears as he bikes his way through the complex.  Wanda said it warmed her heart when someone referred to Miles as "the neighborhood kid."


Wanda loves to cook and wishes that they had a bigger kitchen.  


If you see Wanda, Miles or Denise out and about, say "hello" and introduce yourself.  Together we can make Town Oaks the best townhome community in the Twin Cities. 

Meet your neighbor: News

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