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Important Information: Welcome
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Important Information: Welcome

Town Oaks

 Welcomes You

Important Homeowner Information

This is the place to go to find out about trash and recycling collection dates, submitting architectural requests, filing a work order request and more.

High Fives

Trash and recycling

Trash and recycling are generally collected on Thursdays. On a week with a holiday, trash will be picked up one day later. Recycling will still be picked up on Wednesdays.

  • Please do not block the sidewalk or mailbox when you bring your containers to the entry curb area. This creates a dangerous situation for people needing to use the sidewalk or access the mailbox, especially in winter.

  • Containers should be brought out no earlier than 3:00 PM the day before pickup and must be brought in by midnight the day of pickup. Please ask a neighbor for assistance if you will be gone.

  • Trash and recycling containers are each 35-gallon and each home is provided with one of each. If you would like a second recycling or trash container, please contact us and we will contact Aspen to request one for you. A home may only have a maximum of three containers as that is all that will fit in the enclosure. All additional costs for an extra container will be assessed to the homeowner.

  • Please follow the recycling examples on the recycling container, any extra charges for not following instructions will be charged to the unit which incurred the extra charges as reported by Aspen.

  • If your container disappears, please contact us and we will send a work order to Aspen to request a new one. All containers have serial numbers documented so we will be able to identify any which have been repurposed.

  • Please contact us for any container needing a new lid, wheels, label or needing to be replaced.

  • Please contact us to report if your pickup is missed.

  • Trash cans should be stored in the homeowner's trash can storage area adjacent to the front door of each unit.

  • If you have large items to be picked up, Aspen requires that to be scheduled and prepaid so please contact Aspen directly to make that request and payment. Aspen's phone number is 612.884.8008.

See the Town Oaks calendar (available through Omega Management) for specific trash and recycling dates.

Town Oaks does not currently have an organics (compostables) program in place due to the issues with location uncertainties and how to equitably distribute reclaimed organics among the variety of homeowners.   


For questions about trash and recylcing, call Aspen at 612-884-8008.

Architectural requests

Homeowners must submit and have an approved architectural request prior to beginning any work which would affect a permanent change to the exterior appearance of the unit. Some examples of this would include but are not limited to: Lighting fixtures, windows, decks, exterior colors, large growth plants and hard landscaping projects. 

Interior changes which could affect the livability or structural integrity of the unit or adjoining units are not permitted. 

The process to request a change to the exterior is as follows:

Obtain an architectural request form (available through the Omega portal).  Ensure that all pertinent information is provided (Materials that will be used, who will be doing the work, start and expected end date of the project).

Submit the form to Omega Management who will send the request to the Board for approval. 

Board votes on the request at the next Board meeting unless the homeowner specifically requests an expedited reply; when this request is made the Board will initiate a vote between members.  Homeowner will typically receive a response within 72 hours.  Please not that any request must have full board approval to go forward outside of a Board meeting. If the request is denied the homeowner can appear at the next scheduled Board meeting to make the request again and a simple majority of Board approval will pass the request. 

Paint colors

The paint colors are:

  • Body of building is 7038 Tony Taupe

  • Trim of building is 7575 Chop Sticks

  • Door color is 6027 Cordovan

  • Bottom of building is 7039 Virtual Taupe.

paint info.png
Important Information: Welcome

Work order requests

The exterior envelope of each unit is maintained by the association. If you have a matter that requires attention please submit your request to Omega Management.  A few examples of this kind of work are: blocked gutters/downspouts, broken gate latches/hinges, fallen trees or branches, damaged or deteriorated siding, broken or missing sprinkler heads, non-functional parking lot pole lights, to name a few. If in doubt, request clarification from Omega Management. Use this link to submit a work request.

Important Information: Welcome
LED bulb.jpg

Photo by Marco Verch, Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Light bulbs

Owners are responsible for replacing the LED bulbs for the new wall-mounted light fixtures. Here is helpful information regarding the bulbs needed: 

➢ Warm, soft white light with 2700 Kelvin color temperature. 

➢ A19 shape and size with frosted finish Medium base (E26) 

➢ 60 Watt equivalent using only 8.5 Watts (800 lumens) 

When bulbs were given to homeowners with the new wall- mounted light fixtures they included a dusk-to-dawn light sensor. They have worked for some locations but not others so homeowners can decide if that is a feature they want to include in their replacement bulb.

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