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March 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

We'll start this newsletter with a note from Derek at Lunseth Lawn Care followed by a note from Omega Management.

As we quietly tip toe into spring, the memories of April snowfalls are all too fresh for us in the lawn/snow business. We will not mention how nice and warm it feels so we don't upset the weather gods. ;)

That being said, we are planning to begin full spring clean ups during the 2nd week of April. Until then we will be out picking up sticks, pulling plow stakes, picking up sand barrels and cutting back perennials. Please DO NOT pull our plow stakes early. We are monitoring weather conditions closely and may need to switch back to winter mode on a moment's notice.


Our spring clean ups will take about 3 weeks with dry weather. Rain/snow slows us down but you can reasonably expect your clean up to be completed by the end of April. We are still working on our schedule and will be in touch with your approximate date of service as it approaches.


Plow repairs and spring fertilizer applications will be done AFTER the spring clean up is complete. This means you can reasonably expect these items to be complete by the 2nd week of May. Plow repairs have a greater chance for success when done in late spring to avoid a potential "hard freeze."

We as Minnesotans get anxious for spring to happen and after many years in this business I know your residents are asking or will soon be asking about when these items will be completed. Please ask them to be patient as we work through our normal spring routine.

Warm regards,

Derek (Lunseth Lawn Care)

Dear Town Oaks residents,

Here are a few noteworthy items for you now that spring has arrived:

  • The new, wider gutters at Town Oaks do a great job of collecting rainwater, sending it - along with small sticks and leaves - into the downspouts. Sometimes these sticks and leaves become stuck at the end of the downspout. Please check the ends of your downspouts regularly and remove any leaves that may be clogged there. This will help prevent water from flowing over the gutter and ending up in your basement.

  • Once grass mowing season begins, Lunseth will pick up compostable yard waste that is put in lawn/leaf bags (not plastic bags) and left by the irrigation shed in the courtyard on their mowing day, typically Mondays.

  • All vehicles parked in Town Oaks parking lots must have a Town Oaks permit (sticker). Residents of units without garages are entitled to one parking permit per unit. If residents own two cars, a second permit may be awarded upon request. If your car needs a sticker, please contact

  • Fence replacements - The Association is working to replace the privacy fences at the following addresses this year:

    • 4349-4359 3rd Ave. S.

    • 316-362 E. 44th St.

    • 4348-4358 4th Ave. S.

Additional information will be sent prior to the beginning of the project. If you're fence is scheduled to be replaced this year, please be aware that plantings and landscape near the fences will be affected. Please take this information into consideration when planting this season.

Thank you for reading!

Town Oaks Association

c/o Omega Property Management

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