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June 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

First off, welcome to our (relatively) new website. Please check back regularly because this is the best way to keep abreast of what is happening in our community. Spring clean-up day (formerly known as Dumpster Day) The board has received a lot of feedback on the last clean-up day, which took place in May. Only 4 dumpsters were requested because over the past few years some of the dumpsters left only partially loaded. This year, with everyone sheltering indoors due to the Coronavirus restrictions, many used the time to clean up basements, closets and garages. There was simply more stuff to get rid of and the board did not anticipate that need. The board will look at ordering a dumpster for each lot as was the practice until a few years ago. We hope that the Spring clean-up day transforms into a day when all residents share in the effort to clean up the streets and clear debris from the storm drains around our property and help make Town Oaks more beautiful and inviting for all.

Yard Waste There have been some questions about what to do with leaves, sticks, branches, potting soil and such since Randy's, our trash service, will not pick those things up with our weekly trash collection. Good news! Lunseth, our yard service, said that they will pick up one container of yard waste per visit when they are out doing lawn service. Yard waste should be placed in paper leaf bags (available at most hardware stores) and brought to the courtyard in the middle of the complex. Please do NOT add plant containers, organic/compost materials (like food waste) or pet droppings. This is for yard waste only. If we don't follow the rules we will not be allowed to offer this service.

Gutter work Most of you have noticed that the new gutters are installed. Some have noted that the gutters move the water to the sidewalk, which during the summer is not an issue, but will freeze on the walks in the winter which can create a dangerous situation. The board is aware of this and is looking at options to divert the water. The gutters are designed to move water away from the foundations which should help keep our basements dry. The second stage of the work will examine how we move the water in a way that keeps our walkways dry.

Parking stickers

Since the new parking stickers were issued there have been a few questions about who can park where and for what duration. First, for homeowners who have a garage, no parking stickers were issued and those homeowners should not park in the lots. All other townhomes were issued one sticker per unit and assigned a parking space. Please park in your assigned space only. A second sticker could be requested by a homeowner and issued at the discretion of the management company and board. Please note, the second sticker allows a homeowner to park a vehicle in an unassigned space but it is NOT a guarantee of space available. That second vehicle shall not occupy the space for more than 72 consecutive hours. Any vehicle not following the rules will be given a warning (usually a note placed on the windshield). If that vehicle is not moved within 72 hours after the warning then a fine will be assessed to the homeowner whose name is registered to the sticker on the vehicle. If the vehicle is still not moved after that it will be towed at the homeowner's expense. Since we have very limited extra parking it is important that one homeowner not "adopt" the space as their own and not allow others the privilege of using the parking space.

Cement work

In the next few weeks you will notice that Able Concrete will be on site to do some work on the sidewalks on the perimeter of our property. If you are aware of a low spot in the sidewalk let Gary, one of our board members, know so he can relay the information to the work crew. He can be reached at: Also, Able Concrete will install cement pads near the mailboxes at each lot. These pads will be where the canisters of sand will be placed during the winter months. Please keep pets and children away from the cement pads until they are fully dry. We will have these for many years and want them free of names, initials and footprints. Thanks for your help with this.

Fence project Some of you may have noticed that there hasn't been any work on the fences this summer. It was on the list of items to look at but the gutter project took priority so the fence work will continue at a later date. The fences that were installed last summer will be stained before the end of this summer. To reduce costs, we are looking at combining the painting with some other maintenance work that will take place this summer.

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