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June 2019

Updated: Apr 7, 2022


The Town Oaks Board meets every other month to discuss and make decisions on matters that affect our townhome community. Town Oaks homeowners who have a concern about a particular issue are given time at the beginning of the meeting to express their feelings or ask for clarification on an architectural request. We welcome homeowners to attend these meetings to give input and observe the process. The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 15th at 6:00 p.m.

The Board recognizes that this is going to be a busy summer and have several items that we want to make homeowners aware of so we have put them together here.

LIGHTING: The first phase of the lighting project was completed last summer with the installation of our new front light fixtures. We are currently getting bids for the second phase of work. After the bids are reviewed and a contractor is selected, we will begin work on replacing the poles and light fixtures in our parking lots and common areas. At that time we will also cap off and bury the exposed electrical outlets in the lots. Please do not chain bicycles to any of the light poles.

LOT C PAVING: This summer parking lot C will be repaved and new curbs installed which will complete the parking lot project. Most likely, the tear-off and repaving will take place toward the end of summer. Homeowners in lot C will be given notice prior to the beginning of the project to find alternate places to park their vehicle. If you are planning to be away for an extended period of time, we suggest you find a reliable person who can move your vehicle in your absence.

NEW FENCING: The fence replacement project will begin this summer, possibly as early as June. Thanks to your feedback the design has been modified and finalized. The new fences will be approximately 6 feet tall (like the current fences) with planking that overlaps on one side of the fence, similar to the gates where your garbage cans are stored. This design will maximize privacy while still keeping an aesthetic appeal. The fencing project will be done in several phases which will be completed over a number of years. The first phase will begin with the homes whose patios back up to the courtyard in the middle of the complex. A notice will go out prior to the work beginning but it is a good idea for those homeowners to make a plan for clearing material from their patio.

GUTTERS: There have been a number of homeowners who have called Omega (our management company) to report issues with eave troughs (gutters) and downspouts. This has been an on-going problem due to the fact that the gutters become blocked with twigs, leaves and other debris which then results in water going over the sides. The Board is aware of this issue and recognizes the need to address it as soon as possible but realize the need to complete some of the on-going projects before we can look at this issue. Until the gutter and downspout problems can be properly addressed, please contact Omega if your gutter is not working properly so that the maintenance team can correct the situation.

KEEPING TOWN OAKS CLEAN: Now that summer is here there are a few things each of us can do to make Town Oaks a great place for everyone who lives here. If you walk around the neighborhood and see some trash on the property or adjacent streets, pick it up. Some of our neighbors take a small trash bag with them when they go for a walk and pick up litter as they come across it. It doesn’t take much effort and keeps our property and neighborhood inviting and looking great, plus it’s a great way to burn calories!

While we are on the subject, please remember to bring your trash cans out on Thursday evening and return them to the trash can storage area the next day. All trash must fit inside the can and be covered with a tight-fitting lid so to deter squirrels, raccoons and other rodents. Because it is easy for rodents to chew through plastic bags and plastic garbage cans it is a good idea to only use metal trash cans and lids. If you store bird seed, dog/cat food or other animal food outside, make sure that it is in a metal container with a latching lid so that we don’t accidently invite critters into the complex.

NOISE: With the warmer weather many homeowners enjoy opening their windows so please be mindful of noise issues. Loud music, barking dogs, car alarms, etc. can quickly erode the sense of tranquility we all like to enjoy on a warm, quiet evening.

OMEGA PHONE APP: Omega now has a phone app that you can download, It allows you to quickly access vital information about your account and you can set up to receive notifications. The notifications can be used to let you know when project work is going to begin, or if the water will be turned off or when the snow plow is going to clear the parking lots in the winter.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: Looking ahead, the National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 6th. Please mark that day on your calendar. It’s always great to see everyone and get to know our neighbors. Have a great summer.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you would be interested in receiving information like this regularly, please let the Board know. We are looking at setting up a webpage but don’t want to put a lot of work into something that no one is interested in using.

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