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Ceola McClure-Lazo, Secretary
  • I retired from teaching at elementary schools in this neighborhood and enjoy seeing former students now and then

  • I am proficient in using public transportation everywhere around town

  • I love to walk everywhere I can.  I’ve walked from Town Oaks to the Mall of America

  • I’ve traveled to all 7 continents, many of them solo trips

  • I am an activist, joining many local marches, especially around immigration rights, gun control and education.  My activism began in New Orleans boycotting the busses and doing sit-ins at lunch counters

  • I am a former downhill ski racer

  • I’ve lived in Town Oaks 21 years and have enjoyed the people and location all 21 years.  This is my second tour of duty on the board. 

  • I am so lucky to spend all day with my delightful 21 month old grandson.

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